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Synchronous online education at California Brooks University

Online education has dramatically revolutionized the entire system of higher education. There are a number of accredited online education universities that have adopted the best framework of delivering education over the internet that suits best to their needs.

When we talk about the different frameworks of online education, there are three most commonly adopted frameworks namely Asynchronous, Synchronous and MOOCs. What makes all of these three different from each other is a set of unique features and possibilities that they offer at their specific level. California Brooks University online education offers its students both asynchronous and synchronous online education environments where applicants easily choose either of the enrollment system that suits best to their needs.

Synchronous online education systematically requires all of the students to appear at the same time slot to attend any lecture for their assigned instructor. This is really helpful for those candidates who are less familiar with asynchronous learning environment or feel uncomfortable studying or attending sessions alone. It also helps to engage all of the class participants at the same time that brings extended interaction of students with their instructor.

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